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Even INTERPOL Wonders After…


Even INTERPOL Wonders After . . . November 8, 2012

INTERPOL is the acronym for the International Criminal Police Organisation, an intergovernmental police organization, facilitating international police cooperation. On Monday, November 5, 2012 during their eighty-first session of their general assembly held in Rome, the Vatican Secretary for Relations with States Archbishop Dominique Mamberti was invited to address the assembly.

INTERPOL is active in tracking down internationally wanted criminals and those wanted for prosecution in its member countries. They do not make arrests, but they share information so that local authorities can make them. They have a very critical role in international police operations.

Mamberti spoke about violence and the great increase in crime on a “planetary scale,” with coordination and agreements between criminal organizations that traverse national boundaries. Mamberti said that INTERPOL has a moral duty to work to reduce violence. Fighting criminals works best when there is “alliance and solidarity between citizens and police.” This socialist concept based on the idea of the primacy of the “common good” draws on the idea that citizens are unarmed and cannot defend themselves.

Removing “factors which give rise to and nourish situations of injustice,” Archbishop Mamberti continued, “will help establish a society that is ordered toward the common good.”

Will INTERPOL eventually serve the goals of the Roman Catholic Church to impose her religion on the world?

“All the world,” including international police organizations, “wondered after the beast.”

“Used with permission of Keep the Faith Ministry – Prophetic Intelligence Briefings”