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Knights of Columbus


Another Order, the Knights of Columbus, was founded in 1882 by Father Michael J. McGivney.

The Knights of Columbus, founded at New Haven, Connecticut, February 2, 1882, by Rev. M. J. McGivney, curate of St. Mary's Church...had on January 1, 1905, a total membership of 127,206 persons, 43,537 of whom were insured and 83,669 were associate members. They are now (1912) said to be over 300,000 strong.

Like in other secret societies, these Knights must be initiated through various degrees, and have a political purpose involving the edification of the Papacy:

But an adroit feature of this organization, to which Roman Catholics only are eligible, is the initiative service of four degrees, calculated to impress upon candidates their sacred obligations to uphold the Church on this western continent discovered by the great Columbus.

The relations of the Knights and the Church are supposed to be mutual and reciprocal, the Church using the order to further its ends of capturing America, and the Knights using the Church to exalt the glory of Columbus, and more particularly for their own political preferment...

They work in collusion with the Hierarchy, and are heart and soul in politics. This fact is well known to political machines and non-Catholic politicians, whose candidates must receive the approval of Rome and the Knights before they dare nominate them for either dog pound or presidency...

Notwithstanding these facts, the innocent Knights, like their Jesuitical spiritual advisers, publicly declare that they are not in politics...Knights, whose principal business is politics, aye, Jesuitical politics (emphasis added).