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The Rosicrucians are another ancient organization still in existence today. Founded in the 1400s, this secret society's spirituality is a combination of magic, alchemy, Jewish mysticism, and Gnosticism.

The website for the Rosicrucian Order offers this promise to prospective members:

Through our teachings you will gain specific knowledge of metaphysics, mysticism, philosophy, psychology, parapsychology and science not taught by conventional educational systems or traditional religions...

The Rosicrucian system of study provides a foundation that ties together all different aspects of metaphysical study and demonstrates their interconnectedness. You will understand the natural laws that govern all realms. You will understand Your Self.

Many of the newer esoteric societies were formed out of Rosicrucian philosophy, and it is thought that Rosicrucianism had a large influence on the creation of Scottish Rite Freemasonry. The Knight of the Rose Croix is the 18th degree of Scottish Rite Masonry.