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Golden Dawn


Golden Dawn or Order of the Morning Star

The Order of the Golden Dawn is a hermetic society whose members are taught the principles of occult science and the magic of Hermes.

The Golden Dawn System (Hermetic Order Of The Morning Star) is international with members and Temples around the world.

The Order is concerned with spiritual development, and its teachings are useful to anyone of any faith. However the Order does not require that members be of a particular religion, nor that they become members of any religion after initiation.

The Order was formulated in 1887 The order has had several names over the last century, making it hard to follow.

The three primary founders of the Order were Dr. William Robert Woodman, Dr. William Wynn Westcott and Samuel Liddell Macgregor Mathers. The first Temple formed by these three was located in London, England. This Temple began to provide initiations in 1888. Initiation was then, and is now, a pre-requisite for beginning the "real" work of spiritual development.

The Golden Dawn system is built on the Cabalistic Tree of Life. The whole grade structure of the Order is based on the Tree of Life. Sounds like the same thing as in Genesis.. huh?

Secrecy is necessary in that individual rights and privacy must at all times be maintained, especially since many members of the Order work in sensitive environments where public knowledge of their membership could cause problems. And the ones who protect are the law makers. It is not for privacy, it is for deception, power, and control.

They claim another important reason for secrecy, or so they say. It revolves around a Hermetic principle in which the alchemical process requires a closed container or to be "Hermetically Sealed." This is the symbolism of the circle in Satanism and witchcraft.

Now I believe this is where the Illuminati comes in. Some say this secret organization does not exist and died out long ago. There is a secret sect that has plans to establish one world government. All of these secret organizations, masons included are part of it.