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Who is the Bilderberg Group?


June 3, 2012

Since President Barack Obama took office in 2008, people have been throwing the term socialist at him. The left wing progressives, who are largely blind to his motives, have ignored all of the warning signs. They respond to claims of socialism or communism with their blanket assertion that all of Obama’s critics are simply racists. Unfortunately, an argument that consists of throwing insults like socialist and racist back and forth belie the problem that American freedoms are at risk.

Many Americans are simply not concerned about whether or not they are losing their freedoms. As long as they are sated with enough cable TV and cheap electronics, they turn a blind eye to what is happening. When anybody tries to cry out about conspiracy theories, these Americans just ignore their cries. However, the fact of the matter is that America is taking a turn for the worse, and conspiracy theories are actually underscoring rather than overemphasizing the issue.

The Bilderberg Group

The mere existence of the Bilderberg Group heralds the fact that the rich and powerful are getting together to devise plans to help them control the world’s vulnerable populations. The Bilderberg Group is an organization of approximately 140 people who meet in secret each year. This group includes the world’s most important politicians, financiers, and business professionals. Their meetings are closed to the public so no one knows exactly what they are planning. However, the effects of these meetings are felt in almost every family in every part of the world.

In spite of the Bilderberg Group and their secret meetings, families are distracted by other problems. Resources are in decline, the cost of oil is high,and American capitalism is failing. As a knee jerk response, many Americans are embracing ideals that are rife with socialism or even communism. Confused and upset Americans are placing more trust in the government. Unable to deal with rising unemployment levels and the increases in the cost of living, many Americans are content to let the government help them. As their trust in the government continues to grow, the government is beginning to take advantage of their trust with acts like Obamacare.

American Freedoms

This act seeks to place the government in control of the nation’s healthcare. The wide reaching consequences of an act like this include an increase in state enforced euthanasia and other abuses of human rights. However, this publicized bit of Obama socialism is truly only the tip of the iceberg of communism. The biggest problem facing American freedoms right now is not Obamacare but the possibility of Marshall law.

While the average person is looking to the government for help, the government is starting to strip Americans of the rights that are outlined by the Constitution. In particular, the government is trampling upon the fourth amendment of the Constitution. The Constitution’s fourth amendment guarantees Americans the right to be comfortable and secure in their home. To ensure that these rights are guarded, police cannot search homes without a warrant.

The Patriot Act has been making Americans vulnerable in their homes for the last decade, but now, the police are getting especially aggressive. In spite of a forty year low in violent crime, the police forces in most cities are starting to stockpile weapons. Under the 1033 Program, the federal government has actually given over $500 million dollars to local police forces for weapons. With these weapons in place, it becomes increasingly easier for the police to enforce Marshall Law. The most common incidences of Marshall Law are what have been seen as the police have attempted to subdue Occupy Wall Street protesters.

To further this infringement on American freedoms, President Obama recently signed the Defense Authorization Bill into law. Under this act, American citizens will be able to be held indefinitely without charges or trials. This is the first time that this has happened since Nixon signed the Non Detention Act. Even before the signing of the Defense Authorization Bill, unconstitutional detention was happening. For instance, after Katrina, many Americans were held in detention without trial.

The conspiracy theories are real. American freedoms are in decline, and although we can analyze some of the laws that are being signed leading us to Marshall Law or communism, we cannot see what the Bilderberg group is doing. This group of secretive elites is planning something that should make the rest of us feel leery.