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Eurozone Problem Not to be Solved Democratically


November 08, 2011

In a surprise turn of events, the Greek Prime Minister, George Papandreou announced on October 31, 2011 that he would hold a public referendum on the latest vast EU rescue package for Greece. The announcement angered German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy and they suspended aid payments to Greece on Thursday. Not even a day later, under threat of being expelled from the eurozone, and under great pressure from Merkel and Sarkozy, the Papandreou government backed away from the referendum.

Papandreou commented however, “Greece’s membership in the common currency bloc would not have been put up for a vote.”
“Greece’s position within the euro area is an historic achievement for the country that cannot be put in doubt,” said Finance Minister [Evangelos] Venizelos. Something of such great importance, he said “cannot depend on a referendum.”

“We made Papandreou… aware of the fact that his behavior is disloyal,” said Jean-Claude Juncker, head of the 17-member euro group, in [an]… interview… “The euro group would like to have been informed about the intention to hold a referendum at the recent EU summit.”

Papandreou’s stunt and these twists and turns have made it abundantly clear that decisions concerning the European Union and the eurozone are not meant to be democratic. The leaders are determined to impose their will upon the people with or without their consent.

Greece is now a vassal state under Germany and France. If they are going to stay in the eurozone (anything else would be even more disastrous for Greece), they have to follow orders. Regardless of what Prime Minister Papandreou may have wanted to accomplish by the referendum, he was up against more powerful controllers and was forced to capitulate to the higher powers. The lesson is not lost on the other eurozone countries. If they do not go along with the new European order, where Germany, with France in tow, dictates the terms of existence, they will face similar consequences.

The ancient medieval relationships are being restructured as the Holy Roman Empire is resurrected.

“All that dwell upon the earth shall worship him…” Revelation 13:3.

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