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What About Tarot Cards


It's in the cards, or is it? Can a flip of the cards determine your future?

Though not too long ago, Tarot card readings were little known and used in America. These readings are becoming more and more common. Yet most who seek these readings know little or nothing of its origin. There are vast numbers of books published on Tarot Cards. Still much of the information that you should know, is absent from these books.

The origin of the Tarot cards originates with the Chinese. They probably developed the cards in the 10th century A.D.. Not long after, the Hindus added 10 suits, representing the 10 incarnations of Vishnu. Around the 13th or 14th century the cards appeared in Europe. There are several different concepts on their introduction. Some believe the Crusaders returning from Saracens (Arabians) brought the cards to Italy and Spain. Others feel it was the Gypsies who introduced the cards into Europe.

Somewhere early in their development, the cards were also used for fortune telling and advising. The message of the Tarot is appealing because of its mysticism and partial truth. While the cards may correctly say that man has a problem, and needs help from the outside, their solution is wrong. Many who use the Tarot think it will help them manipulate their destinies. Thus the Tarot is as an occultic tool. But let's look a little closer at this tool.

First there are several sets and sequences of Tarot cards. Source books frequently contradict one another when it comes to assigning symbolic values and meanings to the cards. Because there are so many subjective factors involved in interpreting the meanings of the cards, users are encouraged to develop clairvoyance and intuition. Thus, the possibilities for divination are inexhaustible. Finally, who or what is supposed to be answering? To whom are the questions addressed, and what is the source of the power behind the cards? Most teachings instruct the person inquiring of the cards (Querent) to have a blank mind. This is suggested so they can be more sensitive to the influence of the outside forces. It is the same requirement used in most other occultic practices. Emptying the mind via drugs, hypnosis, blank meditation, Yoga, or chanting opens the mind to demonic procession. Is this requirement any different with the cards?

Scripture is very clear on God condemning those who follow fortune telling. When people turn their destinies over to the occultic practices, they are turning away from God. Zechariah 10:2 states, "For the idols have spoken vanity, and the diviners have seen a lie, and have told false dreams; They confront in vain; therefore they went their way as a flock, they were troubled because there was no Shepherd." Therefore, in following these false teachings, one becomes lost. One can not serve two gods. Nor can we ignore one and play with the other.

As a Christian, you should be aware of the dangers of this occultic practice. Luke reveals the source of these fortuneteller's powers in Acts 16: 16- 18. Paul encounters the damsel who tells fortunes. He knows she has a demon processing her and frees her. Once free of the demon, her ability to tell fortunes ceases. In Acts 13: 6-12, Paul demonstrates God's power over a false prophet. He specifically calls the false prophet a child of the devil who prevents the right ways of the Lord. Finally, in Acts 19:18-20, many who believed who had previously used occultic practices burned their books on the subjects. Scripture tells us that the value of those books was about $32,000 but, after burning them, mightily grew the word of the Lord.

The Scriptures are quite clear that any source of power with this and other occultic practices is demonic and forbidden by God. Those who came to the Lord destroyed their knowledge of this practice. It is also your Christian obligation to warn those of the dangers they will encounter being tempted to try or follow the mystic practice of Tarot cards.