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Global Warming or Global Control


Author: Professor Walter J. Veith, PhD

Summary: Politics—not science—drive the environmental movement.

Is the state of the environment really as apocalyptic as leaders like Al Gore are making it out to be? If so, will the current thrust towards "green living" actually solve the problem?

As of 2010, 31,487 American scientists have signed this petition, including 9,029 with PhDs. Source: Global...

Over thirty thousand scientists have signed a document stating that global warming is a ruse—that the environmental changes we see are not human-made. The petition states that in fact, the actions proposed in the Kyoto Accord, "would harm the environment, hinder the advance of science and technology and damage the health and welfare of mankind" (emphasis added).i

The environmental "crisis" is simply a scare tactic created to coerce people into giving up their rights and freedoms. For example, when the importance of caring for the earth eclipses the importance of individual human lives, population reduction and control seems less like totalitarian Nazism and more like a viable and important safety measure.

In 1992, the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The outcome of the conference was Agenda 21—the United Nations' global action plan on sustainability.

According to journalist Joan Veon, Agenda 21 is proof of the UN's drive towards global control:

Agenda 21 sets up the global infrastructure needed to manage, count, and control all of the world's assets, pastures, rangelands, farmers' fields, oceans and inland waterways, marine environment, marine life, cities, housing, sewer and solid wastes, methods of production, air, pollution, biotechnologyevery aspect of livingfarming, production and manufacturing, research and medicine, etc., along with you and me.

As a result of advanced technology through computers and satellites—the Geographic Information System (GIS)—the management, count and control is being done...

(1) The Convention on Biological Diversity (which puts holism into practice).

(2) The Convention on Desertification.

(3) The Convention on climate Change. These conventions will change the freedoms we have known and our ability to choose what we think is best for our family and business.ii

Part of the UN's sustainability policy was taken from the Socialist Constitution of the USSR of 1977:

In the interests of the present and future generations, the necessary steps are taken in the USSR to protect and make scientific, rational use of the land and its mineral and water resources, and the plant and animal kingdoms, to preserve the purity of air and water, ensure reproduction of natural wealth, and improve the human environment.iii

Doesn't Agenda 21 sound like the perfect framework on which to build global control and the redistribution of wealth? Consider this definition of sustainable development from the UN Brundtland Commission:

Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. It contains within it two key concepts:

* the concept of 'needs', in particular the essential needs of the world's poor, to which overriding priority should be given; and

* the idea of limitations imposed by the state of technology and social organization on the environment's ability to meet present and future needs (emphasis added).iv

Is it just coincidence that the UN's economic plans are identical to the doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church? Is it possible that one sprung out of the other?

This article is adapted from Professor Walter Veith's Rekindling the Reformation lecture The Beamable, Sustainable Princes.

i. Global Warming Petition, www.petitionproject.org.

ii. Joan Veon, Prince Charles, The Sustainable Prince (Oklahoma City: Hearthstone Publishing, 1997)

iii. "Article 18," USSR Constitution (October 7, 1977).

iv. The World Commission on Environment and Development, Our Common Future (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1987).

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