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Nutrition Tips


It's all about balance!

Good nutrition is the result of a well-balanced diet - a diet that includes a wide range of fresh, wholesome foods, with nothing "forbidden" and everything in moderation!

* Fill your plate with colour!

Red, dark green, yellow, orange... even blue! Colourful capsicums, sweet potatoes, carrots, mangoes, watercress, tomatoes, berries: they're all packed with vitamins and disease-fighting antioxidants.

* Promote diversity

Energy foods, functional foods, regulating foods: your body needs them all. Lean protein helps build muscle; grains and other carbohydrates deliver energy; fruits and vegetables help keep your digestive system in good working order. No single food can give your body all the essential nutrients - so be sure to eat a variety.

* Eat your breakfast!

You've heard this before but it's worth repeating: breakfast should account for a third of your day's nutrients and calories. The first meal of the day is an ideal opportunity to enjoy fresh fruit juices, mineral-rich oats and grains.

* Snack smart

When the urge strikes for something sweet, don't reach for sugary foods and drinks. Opt instead for a juicy apple, a handful of ripe berries or a tub of Activia®. Nutritious snacks give you a lasting energy boost.

* Enjoy your food!

Eating, after all, is one of life's pleasures. Enjoying your meals at a relaxed pace in a peaceful environment can actually help improve your digestion.