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Garlic – The Secret Healing Food


Not only the staple ingredient of many culinary dishes but garlic also has many health benefits. Here we look at the origins of garlic what are it’s key healing properties and what health benefits it can provide to you.

The term garlic is originally derived from the Anglo-Saxon word meaning ‘Spear Leak’ which is recognised from those times as the ‘Spear Plant’ in light of its resemblance to pointed leaves. The use of garlic has been shown to help reduce the risk of heart disease and lower peoples blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It also helps to ward off colds and flu by acting as an antiseptic destroying bacteria along with viral and fungal infections.

The dominant ingredient in garlic is a compound named allicin which is released from the bulb when it is cut or crushed. In the late 19th century amid many cases of infectious fever, garlic was identified as providing significant antibacterial effects. Medical practitioners of the time identified that English religious leaders contracted the infectious fever but the French leaders who consumed amounts of garlic in their diet remained healthy.

Other benefits provided by garlic include an excellent and natural insect repellent given the presence of compound within the garlic bulb which mosquitoes and the majority of bugs dislike.

Consuming only one garlic clove each day will ensure your bodys levels of vitamins A,B and C are maintained and ongoing research has begun to suggest that consuming a regular amount of garlic can help protect against certain stomach cancers. The early research suggests that the allicin compound can help to prevent potential cancerous changes within the stomach walls.

Garlic has strong antibiotic features and is therefore widely regarded as a good ingredient to ward off colds and influenza. Not only basic colds, but it has also shown to offer protection against viral, fungal, and bacterial infections. Further healing properties include a natural decongestant which can assist people suffering from respiratory problems.

It seems clear, that for just a small amount of garlic each and every day, you can provide yourself with significant health boosting effects with virtually no side-effects (other than the aroma it gives off!).

Jamie has been writing articles online for many years and runs many websites. His latest Baby Play Yards website features reviews and buying advice around baby yards is well worth a visit. Pop along and read our review of Pack N Play Sheets and see what we have to offer.