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Cherries for Healthy Eating


Cherries are full of disease fighting plant compounds, and they barely budged your blood sugar thanks to their very low glycemic levels. Besides plenty of sugar lowering soluble fiber, they contain red pigments that may increase your body’s insulin output, which ultimately lowers your blood sugar. And they are low in calories to boot.

When you get a snack attack, reach for a handful of cherries instead of higher glycemic level foods like crackers and pretzels at dessert time. Pile them on a half portion of ice cream, and your bowl will look just as full but with far fewer calories.

Sorry, maraschino cherries don’t cut it. The so-called cherries have been bleached, processed, and injected with sugar and red dye, taking all the benefits of this once healthy food. Also skip a cherry juice, which is usually a sweetened and lacks the fiber of whole cherries.

Healthy Bonus of Cherries

Cherries pack the real antioxidant punch, rivalling even oranges. Their stash of vitamin C and other antioxidants help fend off heart disease, cancer, and many complications of diabetes. One study found that the antioxidant compounds in cherries help protect brain cells, while its other plant compounds can put a dent in your cholesterol.

The type of soluble fiber cherries contain is call pectin. It’s also great at lowering cholesterol.