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The Medical Properties of Clay


Author: Amazing Discoveries™

Summary: Tony de Morais explains the wide spectrum of uses for clay.

The study of nature is exceeding marvelous and rewarding, for it reveals many simple means for restoring and maintaining good health. Unfortunately people who search for complicated and expensive remedies generally neglect the most beneficial and simple natural ones.

In this modern age, many are becoming familiar with the healing properties of various foods, herbs, water, fresh air, exercise, sunshine, temperance, and trust in God, but as yet, very few know about the wonders of the earth itself. Since the miracle of clay is a healing phenomenon, relatively unknown, it seems indispensable to begin with a few words about the properties of the clay and it uses.

The Properties of Clay

One of the greatest clay properties is its extraordinary adsorption power. Clay has a unique power to attract impurities and toxins out of the human body, simply because clay is electro negative and the impurities and toxins are electro positive.

Clay also provides our bodies with trace minerals that go through the skin into the blood stream. This occurs with the application of an external poultice.

When clay is taking internally, it seems that some internal program is guiding it as it is directed immediately to the places that needs to be fixed. We have to remember here that God made Adam from dust of the earth (Genesis 2:7). So, for some reason, when it is placed inside the human body clay knows exactly where to go to fixed the problems.

Remedies provided by the Creator are simple, effective, and harmless. “Nothing should be put into the human system that will leave a baleful influence behind” (Letter 59, 1898).

Clay is a “living” beneficial substance that provides vital energy for the human body. The more we expose clay to the sunshine, air, and rainwater, the more powerful it becomes. Due to its adsorption capacity clay is even employed in the oil industry to purify oils.

How Clay can be Used

When it is used externally, clay may be applied in several different forms, such as poultices, powder, and baths.

Clay is antiseptic (prevent decay or putrefaction), cicatrizing (promotes wound healing), anti-inflammatory (relieves and prevents inflammation), anti-carcinogenic (cleans cancer cells), emollient (softens and soothes the skin), refrigerant (cools and reduces body heat), and cosmetic (improve skin’s texture).

Taken internally clay is a powerful detoxifier, especially the Bentonite Clay, which can absorb heavy metals such as mercury, arsenic, lead, and tin. Clay also provides minerals and trace minerals. Clay has colloidal properties that eliminate toxins and harmful substances from your body.

How to Chose the Right Clay

There are many varieties of clay with different colors depending on the chemical composition of the soil. For instance, the most common clays on the market are green, white, gray, yellow, red, blue, black, and pink.

Usually we recommend the French green clay to apply externally and also to take internally, but also we recommend white Bentonite clay for heavy metals detoxifying. Red clay seems to be a very efficient facial purifying mask, depending on the type of skin you have. You can always mix any kind of clay with herbs, fruit or vegetable juice, extracts, or olive oil to improve the performance and the action of the clay.

How to Prepare Clay

Prepare clay in a deep bowl. Use a container made of glass, porcelain, or wood, but never metal.

Fill the bowl with spring water and sprinkle the clay powder until you get a homogeneous paste, not very concentrated. Let the clay rest for two hours. Handle it as little as possible.

How to Apply Clay

With a wooden spoon, spread an even half-inch layer of clay over the area to be treated. Do not smooth the surface; clay settles naturally when put into place. Wrap the treated area with a light cloth bandage. When placed on an inflamed organ, abscess, or another pus-producing sore, cover the clay with a cabbage leaf to slow down its drying process.

If the area to be treated is on both sides of the body, like the kidneys, spread the clay onto a cloth and then place on the affected area. Let the clay works for two hours. After, removed the clay with lukewarm water and do another application. Do at least three applications daily; never use the same clay twice. If you are treating an ulcer or an open sore, the clay must be placed directly on the flesh.

Some Precautions with Clay

• Applications should only occur at least two hours before or two hours after meals.
• When treating an abscess or purulent ulcer, change the application every hour if possible. However, if the application dries in a half an hour, take it off without waiting the entire hour.
• Avoid clay applications when menstruating and during pregnancy.

Some Final Thoughts

With every natural remedy, either helping directly to rebuild the organism or to liberate and eliminate the substances that harm it, there is always the possibility of disagreeable reactions. You must not be afraid of these reactions. They are desirable, for they prove that your body is responding positively. May God grant you the healing that you need as you discover more about His natural remedies.