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Wikileaks Reveals Vatican Involvement with Global Politics


December 21, 2010

“As the uproar increases over Wikileaks publishing hundreds of thousands of confidential U.S. State Department cables online, the latest reports show that 852 of the communications involve the Vatican,” stated Catholic News Agency.
Wikileaks is a website that publishes material leaked by insiders or others in government or business. A low-level U.S. intelligence analyst who is being held at a military base in Virginia allegedly leaked over 250,000 cable messages.
“Secretary of State Hillary Clinton blasted the move Nov. 29 as ‘not just an attack on America’s foreign policy interests” but an “attack on the international community.’”
“According to Wikileaks, 852 of the documents slated to be published involve correspondence between the U.S. and the Vatican.”
“The Vatican daily newspaper L’Osservatore Romano stressed that the release of the cables does nothing to change diplomatic relations between the U.S and the Holy See.”
The entire batch of the Vatican-related cables is expected to be published in the upcoming weeks.

While it is no surprise that the Vatican is involved in global politics, it is important to understand that one day there will be revelations that will expose the Vatican’s real intentions by its secret “diplomatic” behavior. Perhaps Wikileaks is laying the foundation for the time when God’s faithful servants, under the power of the Latter Rain, will unmask the sins of Babylon. Confirmable evidence must be available to credibly document evidence that exposes the stealthy but rapid progress of the papal power, among other things such as the priestly sex scandal.

“Thus the message of the third angel will be proclaimed. As the time comes for it to be given with greatest power, the Lord will work through humble instruments, leading the minds of those who consecrate themselves to His service… The sins of Babylon will be laid open. The fearful results of enforcing the observances of the church by civil authority, the inroads of spiritualism, the stealthy but rapid progress of the papal power—all will be unmasked. By these solemn warnings the people will be stirred. Thousands upon thousands will listen who have never heard words like these. In amazement they hear the testimony that Babylon is the church, fallen because of her errors and sins, because of her rejection of the truth sent to her from heaven.” Great Controversy, p. 606-607.