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SYMPTOMS – Cannot sit still, short attention span, impulsive acts before one thinks, runs rather than walks, forgets easily, moody, temper tantrums, irritated and indifferent when disciplined, determined to get his own way.

Sleep disturbances, clumsiness, head knocking, bothers other children, speech and hearing disorders, extreme distractibility, absent mindedness, unable to follow a series of instruction.

Not all symptoms are found in any one child. The symptoms are not limited to children, but are also found in some adults.

Keep in mind that most children display hyperactive symptoms at times.

CAUSES – Hyperactivity primarily occurs in children; it produces a variety of learning and behaviour problems. It is closely related to Attention Deficit Disorder, and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.


Some of the above symptoms can be elleviated or aliminated through other methods. Some other causes which can be corrected include:

  • Provide the child with a nourishing diet. This is important. ( Click here for  Ideal Diet article).
  • Foods that irritate the stomach or inflame the nerves must be removed from the child’s diet. Avoid all refined, sugary, fried, and junk foods from the diet. This includes soft drinks. Eliminate artificial flavourings, colourings, and preservatives. DO not attempt to only change the diet partway. Nourishing food, and only nourishing food, must become a way of life. It will help all in the home. It will be easier for the child to accept the new regime if the mother (and hopefully, father) does also.
  • Food allergies to milk, wheat, chocolate, yeast, food additives, oranges, and antibiotics. Locate and elliminate food allergies.
  • Lead poisoning can be a significant factor.
  • Eating too much sugar or sugary foods.
  • Artificial food additives, preservatives. And foods containing salicylates.
  • A diet that is too low in protein.
  • Emotional problems and inadequate, inconsistent, or ineffective discipline in the home. Hyperactive children often control the situation in the home more than the parents. Because the parents are too yielding, children find they can scream their way to dominance and become uncontrollable. When spoiled children enter school, they sometimes try to use overactivity to control their new environment.
  • The parent must learn to control the situation, by training the child to obedience and self control. This is vital. Teaching the child to obey you causes him to learn to control himself. This enables him to organize and better manage, his mental discipline and his entire life.
  • Regularly rising, eating, bedtime, and other daily schedules is important.
  • Hyperactive children often have learning disabilities.
  • Certain types of fluorescent lights are overstimulating. Research studies reveal that children sitting beneath the end of those lights receive X-rays.
  • Overstimulation from television, competitive games, violent TV programs, and nutritional deficiencies are major factors.
  • Children from broken homes are more likely to have this problem. A strong link has been established between learning disabilities and juvenile crime. Try to solve the problems early.
  • Smoking during pregnancy, oxygen deprivation at birth, prenatal trauma. Mothers who smoke are more likely to give birth to brain-damaged or hyperactive children.

ENCOURAGEMENT – A strong, helpful grasp of the hand of a true friend is worth more than gold or silver. Christ has been such a friend to you. He asks that you be such a friend to others. Rejoice in all that He is to you! John 3:2.

This extract was taken from “Natural Remedies Encyclopedia”, (Heritage Edition 2004), Harvestime Books, - Page 489-490