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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)


SYMPTOMS – Some of the following: A tendency to disturb other children. Impatience. Difficulty waiting. Not able to sit very long. Difficulty in adapting to new things. Easily frustrated. Impulsive, unpredictable, or daring. Self destructive behaviour. Temper tantrums. Clumsy or awquard. Talks too much. Blurts out answers before hearing the entire question. Disruptive in the classroom. Low stress tolerance. Failure in school in spite of normal intelligence.

CAUSES – Carefully read the article on ADD , just above.


  • The natural remedies for ADD  apply equally to ADHD.

ENCOURAGEMENT – What love! What amazing condescention: that Christ would die on Calvary to save us from sin and enable to obey the laws of God.

This extract was taken from “Natural Remedies Encyclopedia”, (Heritage Edition 2004), Harvestime Books, - Page 489